Monday, October 22, 2012

Skin Food Eye Mask

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been couple months I have been MIA coz of my delivery of my lovely baby girl.
Now it's been over 1 months since my delivered, so I have time to blog again.
I want to review about eye mask. Since I had to stay woke up late at night to milk feeding my little baby, my under eye was so dark and looks very tired. I try to use this Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet, hope this would recover my under eye.
It contains with carrot extracts, royal jelly and collagen pack into a gel pad.
When I wear this, it's very easy to apply and not irritated my eyes like other eye mask that sometimes made my eyes feel itchy.
I used this for 30-45 minutes as the instruction.

This is the picture of it :

The Ingredients and insturction behind the sachet

Inside the sachet

This is how the eye masks looks like.

Btw, I also want to post my little baby girl Celine picture when she was 3 weeks old.