Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sephora haul

Merry Christmas everyone! How's your Christmas? I celebrate it with my family in my hometown.
Today I'm gonna review my recent haul from Sephora friends and family sale. I bought Josie Maran - Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40+ to go (small size 0.5 oz) and Shiseido eyelash curler.

Why I choose this product?
I need a product that have SPF inside to protect my face from UV. Because lately my skin have pigmentation, it's getting worse if I don't protect from now. I read that Josie Maran Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer has high SPF 40+. 

What it does:
Protect Daily Sun Protection is your skin's first defense against premature aging. This natural formula physically blocks UVA rays that can cause up to 80% of premature aging. It also blocks the harmful UVB rays that we encounter on sunny days or at the beach. Unlike traditional sun blocks, this natural formula is infused with Josie's signature ingredient, Argan Oil, which repairs and reverses damage caused by the sun, fights sign of aging, and improves skintone for a radiant, renewed complexion. This sun block is extra mild and fast absorbing and it can also double as a great makeup primer. Protect Daily Sun Protection is lightweight, Paba Free, and for all skin types.

 It comes with glass bottle, 1 pump is enough to cover my whole face! So this one will last like forever :)

I don't really like the smell, it has a little bit strong scent. But I can accept it as long as it don't make me sneeze. I'm very sensitive with strong scent, that make me sneeze all the time.


The texture is white but when I applied on skin, it blends well and make my face looks dewy finish. 

I have been lemming Shiseido eyelash curler long ago. I already have Shu Uemura curler but it doesn't fit on my small eyes. It always pinch my skin, that irritate me.
So I try this Shiseido and I like it. This one can grab my whole lashes in one step, so safe my time when I was in hurry.

Shu Uemura is more curve than Shiseido.

It includes 1 replacement rubber pad

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lush Haul

Christmas is coming, so I bought Lush for myself gift :) Yesterday I got the Lush package that I've been ordered since 2 weeks ago.
It was quick to arrive that suprise me. Lush has some product that only produce in Christmas time, so I won't miss this time.

I ordered The Godmother, Rock Star, Snowcake, Snow fairy shower gel.
Hmm... my bathroom is going to smell nice this December :)


I love Snow fairy the most from these recent haul. It smells so sweet like candy like I want to lick it. And hey.. it has some glitters in it. I don't know what it suppose to, since it will wash away when you shower, but it's just looks nice in the bottle.
It only sell on Chrismas time. They said that it smells like The Godmother but I would like to say it's not same. Snow fairy smells more sweet like candy,and more soft. I like the color too, I like pink!

The Godmother soap

I heard many rave about this soap, so I give a try. The scent is sweet like candy, but I like Honey I washed the kids more than this.

Snowcake soap

this can be handsoap or shower soap. It smells like sweet almond and marzipan. Only available on holiday season. The product is very easy to melts, I have to put it in the refrigerator.

Rockstar soap

To be honest I don't really like the smells because it's so strong, but I heard that after using it the smells much lighter.

Last one is my favorite Lush soap. Honey I washed the kids is always be my favorite. I bought this before and from all the Lush soap, nothing can beat this one! I really love this! If it runs out I will order again :)

So tell me what's your favorite from Lush soap?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drawer Cube "MORE"

I bought this MORE Natural series drawer cube yesterday, I wanted it since last week but has no chance to bought it. I saw only 2 pcs left in my local store "Ace Hardware".
But when I back yesterday this only one left :( So with no hestitate anymore I grab it. It only cost Rp.67.000 (US$7,3) and it sold very fast!

There are many size but the smaller one already sold, luckly me can have this one left.I hope they will order again, so I can buy another size.
My hubby compliment my drawer looks so organize when I put all my eyeshadows, blushes in it :) 
I was put my eyeshadows and blushes on my makeup case that so hard to reach and most of it won't be use because I forgot if I have it!
Now I can choose and grab it more easier, not to reach and search so far into my makeup case. I'm so happy finally there is drawer cube sell in my place, so I don't have to order it online from USA.

The size is 7.3' x 10.5' x 5.5' (A6). They also have very big drawer the can stand on the floor!
The price is much cheaper than Muji or other Clear cube like Kim Kardashian's have, which cost more than $350 ^o^
The only thing is the packaging is not clear but white blur, but I don't think it's a big matter as long as the function to store and organize my makeup. Don't you think!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Thebalm Time Balm concealer

Hello, I'm happy December has come. The month of holiday, yeah.. holiday time will come soon :)
Last month has been very busy,but this month it's more free time to blog. So, right now I'm going to review about my concealer. I'm very addicted with concealer, like want to try and have every concealer in any brand ^0^
I just received Thebalm Time Balm concelear from blog sale (www.bloominbeautyblog.com). I have it in Medium shade. I would say that it's perfect for Nc30-35 skin tone, mine is NC25 so it's pretty dark for me.
The covered is great, I has try it on my hand. It can cover dark spot, with medium coverage.

Onto the picture ladies :

Medium shade

Dark spot that I'm going to cover with concealer

Perfect covered

The shade is too dark for me but it's great for medium coverage. It can cover my dark spot.

Right now I'm using Biore 2in1 Facial wash, I like the smell of it. It's like milk scent, so soft!
It claims that 2in1 step for cleans the makeup and wash the face in 1 step. So I don't have to use milk cleanser for cleans my makeup and then wash the face with face soap.

Have a great weekend!