Monday, November 14, 2011

Pink Nail polish

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm going to post about my nail polish that I'm wearing now.
My bro bought it very cheap in Korea. First the Nail Stylure color in bright pink.
The second layer,I applied with "It's Skin" for shimmery.
It's very pretty color when I combine those two. I like it :)

I was taken these picture with my Iphone 3G S. The quality is pretty good.

The flower very pretty, it's very popular flower in my town. It called "Eight God" flower.I dunno where the name come from :)

The color is suit with the flower :)

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Skin Food Rice Mask

Hello everyone, how's your day?
Earlier this month I was very busy, and the weather is changed all time. Whole day was raining, that's why I was sicked.
I got very bad influenza and fever last week, and need to rest on bed for 3 days :( Everytime the weather changed many peoples got sick, so better you take vitamin C and eat well.
Being sick is very annoyed and I can't do much activity.
Well, I'm better now so I will do post review about my mask from Korea (was bought by my brother).
He bought this only 7,700 Won!

What it claim from this mask :
SkinFood Rice Mask Wash Off. Mask with nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture.
To use :
After cleansing, gently massage over dry face. Avoid eye area. Rinse off.

I like this mask, the beads is so soft. It doesn't hurt my sensitive skin. The smells not really like it, but I don't complain about it.
After I wash off the mask, my skin feels so soft. I have been used this about a week, and not really see the change on my skin. But the good part of it, my skin doesn't broke out :)

Here is the picture of it :

I put the mask on my hand, you can see the small beads.

I really like the Korean product, they always give you free gift everytime you buy from them.So generous  :)
I got this cute gift : Ancient Rice Gift Set. The bottle so cute and small.

1 box contain Ancient rice toner and Emulsion.

Have a nice day everyone!