Friday, November 30, 2012

Body Bath and Works White Citrus Shower gel

Hi again! How's your day? Lately there were so many holiday discount on website, like blackfriday and Cyber Monday sale. I want to share with you my holiday haul. This time I'm crazy about BBW product. I tried their popular fragance before like Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean Noel. This time I want to try something more fresh to make up my day. Since I have to keep my new born baby, I felt sleepy all day. So I try this BBW White Citrus shower gel, it's very fresh and nice to smell. Even my hubby liked it!
The smell is not too sweet like other smells from BBW's line. I don't really like Warm Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel smell, it's so sweet. I also like Dancing with water, it's also fresh.

I also want to share with you my recent haul from ebay, it's a hoop earing with diamond. I bought it for US$11,  it takes 1 month from Hong Kong to arrived.

This is the picture I taken from the seller site.

 This is the real picture

I'm wearing it. Nice isn't it!

I read so many rave about Kitkat in blogger review, especially I know that Kitkat have many flavor from Eki
Kitkat was originally from Japan. It has so many flavor like Green tea(Macha), Melon, dark chocolate,Vanilla ice,blueberry,etc. It was hard to find this product years ago, but lately so many people sell it on facebook,twitter, or other site.First, I tried this Green tea flavor since it's the best seller. The taste is not too sweet, and it taste really good!Yummy.... You should tried it! :)

1 bag contain 12 mini bag that in 1 mini bag has 2 kitkat bar.I bought it US$10.

Mini bag

More haul to come :)
Keep coming and read my post. Please leave some comment before you leave, thanks!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mac lipstick Sci Fi Delity swatch

Hello, how's your day?

Mine kept busy with my new baby :) Well, I want to have a review about my Mac lipstick in Sci-fi-delity.It's from Neo Sci Fi collection. The packaging is bright orange that make it looks cute.
It's a raspberry red with gold shimmer,great color!

Swatch with flash light

swatch on my lips

With flash

I also want to share with you my haul for this holiday season.
I bought a bracelet on ebay. I saw this bracelet in H&M website and very excited that I found it on ebay. It's very elegant!

This is the picture that the girl wearing it. So pretty!

More detail of the bracelet

I'm wearing it.Cute isn't it?!

I also want to share with you the picture of my baby. She is 2.5 months now!

Love of my life.

Well, holiday will coming soon. What's your plan? This year, it's the first time I will celebrate Christmas and New year with my baby. Yay!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Skin Food Eye Mask

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been couple months I have been MIA coz of my delivery of my lovely baby girl.
Now it's been over 1 months since my delivered, so I have time to blog again.
I want to review about eye mask. Since I had to stay woke up late at night to milk feeding my little baby, my under eye was so dark and looks very tired. I try to use this Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet, hope this would recover my under eye.
It contains with carrot extracts, royal jelly and collagen pack into a gel pad.
When I wear this, it's very easy to apply and not irritated my eyes like other eye mask that sometimes made my eyes feel itchy.
I used this for 30-45 minutes as the instruction.

This is the picture of it :

The Ingredients and insturction behind the sachet

Inside the sachet

This is how the eye masks looks like.

Btw, I also want to post my little baby girl Celine picture when she was 3 weeks old.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daiso brush cleanser

Hello everyone! How's your day?
Today I'm going to post my Daiso detergent cleanser for sponge and brush.I bought it at Daiso Singapore for only S$2 in 80ml.
It's very effective to remove any foundation or eyeshadow from the brush. The smell of this cleanser is so nice too, I like it.
I'll show you the picture before and after I clean my brushes.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Benefit High Beam swatch

Hi everyone, sorry been mia for past few months. Being pregnant is new for me so I need time to take a little break for what I'm doing :)
This time I want to share with you Benefit high beam swatches and my opinion about it. Btw, there are so many counterfeit of this product on ebay, so be wise when you plan to buy it.

Highlighter (Shimmery light pink)

I love this product, it makes my cheek looks healthy and dewy. You can put it on the cheek, nose to make a glowy effect when light hits your cheek.

Taking with flash. Look how it blend so well using my finger.

Unblend in day light.

I also want to share with you my Kitkat chocolate that bought in Changi airport Singapore. I do look for kitkat made in Japan that have so many flavor but seems it only sell in Japan.

It have3 different flavor :
 milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel flavored cream in milk chocolate.

 Mount Klabat. View from my house.
Taken in the morning 6 am when the sun rise. It was covered with smog, so pretty!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Iphone photo in Singapore (part 2)

Helloo, sorry for long time no post. I have really bad morning sickness but now feeling better. I'm now 4 months pregnancy, hope will be smoothly until delivery :) My due date around mid September.
I want to continue to post my trip in Singapore used my Iphone's camera. Seeing this picture makes me want to go back visit Singapore again soon.

My favorite Hershey's Kisses chocolate.

This is dorayaki with many flavor. I buy at Gleneagle hospital's foodcourt.

My favorite chocolate dorayaki. It so soft and smooth, better eat while still hot. Yummy :)

This is dimsum Hakau at Food Republic foodcourt (Ion Mall)

Siomai dimsum. With prawn inside.

Beautiful flower at Orchard Rd.

Very pretty orchid at Takashimaya Mall

Hope you enjoy the picture, I'm planning to stay at Marina Bay's hotel in future. Have you stayed there? Let me know about it.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Iphone photo in Singapore (part 1)

Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last post. I was travel to Singapore last month with my hubby and mom.
We went to our doctor for my last treatment check up, and the doctor surprised us told that I'm pregnant now. We were so happy :)
These are few pictures that I taken from my Iphone.

I saw this cute Hello Kitty 3D mask at Watson on great price

I'm so happy find out Daiso store at Ion Orchard Mal, everything was only S$2.

Flowers are so pretty in front of Paragon Mal

They decorated it for Chinese New Year

I always not forgot to bought my S$1 durian ice cream at hawkers in Orchard rd.

China town, so crowded! 
People bought things to prepare for their Chinese New Year.

China town across the street

H&M store at Orchard rd. 
Finally it open here.Last time my visited, it was under progress.

Very pretty Dragon flower at Orchard rd.

Those are few pictures to show you, hope you like it. I'll be post more in next post.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mac Pigment Tan vs UD Toasted swatch

Hi, I just play around with my Mac pigment Tan and come with an idea to compared it with Urban Decay Naked Palette in Toasted. Both are pretty similar even tho Toasted more darker and pinker.
In real life when I look at Mac Tan it looks darker compared with UD Toasted, but when I swatch it's lighter than UD Toasted.
Here is the pictures :

Mac Pigment Tan

Compared it with UD Naked Palette in Toasted

From left : UD Half baked, Mac Tan, UD Toasted

From left : Mac Tan, Ud Toasted with flash. 

More closed up! Looks like Mac Tan (left) reflect shiny with flash.

From left : Mac woodwinked, Mac Tan, Ud Toasted. Bottom : Inglot P 406. Taken with flash.

More closed up without flash.

Hope this help you to decide what you like to buy from those eyeshadows. Have fun!