Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Olive Juicy Mask Sheet

Hi again! Do you have a nice day? 
Right now I love to pamper my face skin with many product that I love to tried, every week I always wear face mask to restore my dull skin that I had from pregnant. 
Well, today I wear mask from Baviphat. This product is from Korea and well known there. I bought it at Sasa Singapore for only S$1.95. 
I recommended this mask from Baviphat as it nutritious and moisture my skin. I also love the smell of this mask, it's not make me sneeze because I'm allergy with fragrance. Olive oil is very good for our skin, it has many benefit. After I used this, my skin looks glowing and healthier!

The packaging is so cute!

Yesterday I bought the necklace at Colorbox store. This necklace is trendy now, the model is like spike necklace that many blogger love to wear it. Luckily me, when I plan to bought it they have Chinese New Year promotion for 20% discount. So the price is lower Rp.80.000.

I also bought this earings Rp.56.000

Last picture is my baby, she is now 5 months old. She can sit and reach the baby's gym toy.She is very fast learning and grow :) Love her so much.

Baby Celine 5 months


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Body bath and work (BBW)

Hi everyone! I want to post about Bath and Body works product that I love so much!
I love every product they have. Now I bought pocketbac antibacterial hand gel, there were so many smells that we can choose. 
I bought bbw pocketbac in Fresh Market Apple. The smell is so sweet like apple.
I also bought Scentportable fragrance ($3) that it can put in my car. I choose Island margarita and Fresh cotton. Right now I tried Fresh Cotton, and my car smells so nice and fresh. It can eliminate the bad odor like smoke. It can last 4-6 weeks.

These are the pictures :


I also bought the PocketBac holder, Polar Bear. I can put it on my bag, so it's easy to reach.

Scent Portable clip and go!

Last time I had review about Meltykiss in strawberry, now I  want to post about Meltykiss in Green tea. I prefer strawberry taste than green tea. But I love them both 

Green tea

See you again in my next post!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My beauty diary Eye Mask

Hi, it's been long time again no blog here, sorry! I'm so busy with my new baby :)
I want to blog again about my eye mask, because my under eye has been so dark because I have to stay woke up at night for my baby.
My Beauty Diary Intensive refining eye mask from Taiwan is so good! The shape of the mask so unique that it can cover under eye and also the lid.
The smell is like ginseng, like Chinese herbal. But I think it has so many benefit.

This is the picture of the product

The shape is like fish :)

Lately I love to taste the Japan's food product. I ordered the Melty Kiss Chocolate in strawberry. I was looking it while I was in Singapore, but there wasn't sale that time. The staff there said that the product only available in certain occasion like Christmas time.

The taste is so delicious! The chocolate melt in my mouth perfectly.

See you again in my next blog!