Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nars cordura swatch

Hi, everyone!
Today I'm going to swatch Nars cordura that I just received from mail order. I have been wanting this since last year finally I have it, Yay! <3

I want to compare it with Urban Decay Naked Palette because both of it has neutral color that I love :)

The texture is so pigmented and great for smoky eyes.

This swatch was taken under sunlight
From left :Ud Darkhorse,Nars deeper shadow (on right), Ud Buck, Nars lighter shadow (on left), Ud Smog.

I said that Ud Darkhorse and Nars deeper one is quiet similar. Only Nars a little bit darken.
Ud Smog is more shimmery than Nars lighter one especially when it hits by the light/flash.
But both of them are pretty color.

This one was taken in room light.

With flash

From left : UD Smog, UD Darkhorse, Nars lighter shadow, Nars darker shadow

Taken with flash

I really in love with this buttery shadows, no wonder I was lemming this since last year. The result is just what I expected.
What do you think?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Nectar swatch

I love this shimmer brick!
Have been wanting this so long, finally get it in my hand :)
It's frosty peach pink if you swirled it with brush, the color is so pretty as highlight on my cheek.
I also compared it with Mac msf Northern Light which have glitter. If you like glitter effect then Mac Msf Northern light is perfect for you.
I prefer shimmer than glitter tho'

Take picture using flash

 So pretty peach pink color! ^o^

Compare it

On to the swatch :

I swirled it together

Compare it with Mac Msf Northern Light, BB Nectar is more shimmer and sheen!

 Left : Mac Msf Northen Light (have some glitter)
Right : BB shimmer brick Nectar