Friday, November 30, 2012

Body Bath and Works White Citrus Shower gel

Hi again! How's your day? Lately there were so many holiday discount on website, like blackfriday and Cyber Monday sale. I want to share with you my holiday haul. This time I'm crazy about BBW product. I tried their popular fragance before like Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean Noel. This time I want to try something more fresh to make up my day. Since I have to keep my new born baby, I felt sleepy all day. So I try this BBW White Citrus shower gel, it's very fresh and nice to smell. Even my hubby liked it!
The smell is not too sweet like other smells from BBW's line. I don't really like Warm Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel smell, it's so sweet. I also like Dancing with water, it's also fresh.

I also want to share with you my recent haul from ebay, it's a hoop earing with diamond. I bought it for US$11,  it takes 1 month from Hong Kong to arrived.

This is the picture I taken from the seller site.

 This is the real picture

I'm wearing it. Nice isn't it!

I read so many rave about Kitkat in blogger review, especially I know that Kitkat have many flavor from Eki
Kitkat was originally from Japan. It has so many flavor like Green tea(Macha), Melon, dark chocolate,Vanilla ice,blueberry,etc. It was hard to find this product years ago, but lately so many people sell it on facebook,twitter, or other site.First, I tried this Green tea flavor since it's the best seller. The taste is not too sweet, and it taste really good!Yummy.... You should tried it! :)

1 bag contain 12 mini bag that in 1 mini bag has 2 kitkat bar.I bought it US$10.

Mini bag

More haul to come :)
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mac lipstick Sci Fi Delity swatch

Hello, how's your day?

Mine kept busy with my new baby :) Well, I want to have a review about my Mac lipstick in Sci-fi-delity.It's from Neo Sci Fi collection. The packaging is bright orange that make it looks cute.
It's a raspberry red with gold shimmer,great color!

Swatch with flash light

swatch on my lips

With flash

I also want to share with you my haul for this holiday season.
I bought a bracelet on ebay. I saw this bracelet in H&M website and very excited that I found it on ebay. It's very elegant!

This is the picture that the girl wearing it. So pretty!

More detail of the bracelet

I'm wearing it.Cute isn't it?!

I also want to share with you the picture of my baby. She is 2.5 months now!

Love of my life.

Well, holiday will coming soon. What's your plan? This year, it's the first time I will celebrate Christmas and New year with my baby. Yay!