Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rock & Republic Contrived Blush swatch

Hi everyone!
Right now I'm totally crazy about collecting blushes! Yes, blush on :)
I'm doing a little research before bought this Rock & Republic blushes, which people rave on it. I heard that R&R will be closed soon coz of bancrupty.
Well, I know their blushes is very high quality, pigmented and finely milled. Hope they could survive and still produce their product.
I bought Bedroom and Tease, well my X-rated was on its way. Can't wait till it come :)
The actual amount of this blush is twice bigger than Nars blush, so it can last forever. I love the packaging design, it's very artistic!


Before I buy R&R Tease, they said on blogger that it pretty much looks like with Nars Matahari that I already owned it.
So I a little bit confuse whether to buy it or not, after I asked beauty blogger : Hazelnut
So glad I decided to buy it, and like she said it's totally different in color :)

Left Rock & Republic Tease, Right Nars Matahari

Here is the compare between Nars Matahari and R&R Tease :

Left RR Tease, Right Nars Matahari (with flash)

From left : R&R Bedroom, Tease and Nars Matahari (with flash)

My flowers are blossom on my yard.It's very pretty, colorful and make my day bright :)
I took a picture for the memory, hope it can always flowery all the year.


Gorgeous Red : October Lily . It only blossom in October, so called from it :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nail art with OPI Tickle My France

Hi, meet again here on this early 2011! How's your holiday?

I've been very busy lately doing my little project (sewing the wedding dress). Yes, I also rented a wedding dress, so currently I was adding few swarovski stone on my wedding dress. Bling... bling ! ^_*

Back on the topic, this is my new creation of nail art wearing 3d nail art stamping with OPI Tickle My France. I was doing this on my friend's nail, thanks to Lisa!

I really like this OPI, and it's a bit hard to find it since it always OOS and the price here is bit higher than other OPI's color. I was bought it on ebay, after searching anywhere. Glad to find it for $4.99 (not include shipping cost to my country).

Cute stamping flower (sorry for the quality, it was taking with my Iphone's camera)

Happy belated New Year 2011!