Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fix shattered eyeshadow

Hi, how's your day?
I want to blog about my eyeshadow that I bought but it was shattered on the shipment, even tho' the seller had wrap it with bubble wrap :(
I was heartbroken when saw my eyeshadow was shattered and some of it has spread everywhere on the envelope.
Well, suddenly I remember that I saw somewhere on blogger that it can be fix. I open youtube and learn how to fix shattered eyeshadow.

The tools I got :
- Alchohol 70%
- Pan pot for eyeshadow
- coin
- straw (cut it half)
- used cloth (cotton)
- spatula

My eyeshadow that was shattered is Mineralize fresh green mix, also the other day my Mac's e/s Satellite dreams was fallen and crashed, clumsy me :(

Shattered Mac Mineralize fresh green mix

Shattered  Mac's e/s Satellite dreams

First I put e/s on plastic and grinded it using my brush handle, just glide it all over the e/s which can't spread anywhere because it's in the plastic.
After that I put on the pan (Mac's pan) and pour 3-4 drops of alchohol using the straw so it won't spoil too much.
If less, I put some more.
Pour it all until it can be form, and leave it 30-60 minutes, depends on when the alchohol already evaporate.
But I have to check it regularly so it wasn't hard to be form.

E/s has been form into pan with alchohol. Form Mac Mineralize fresh green mix

Form Mac's e/s Satellite dreams

When I think it can be ready to be form with my coin or back of my The body shop's lip balm case (which's suit with Mac's pan size).
VOILA...!!! now my Mac's e/s looks like brand new :)

Mac Mineralize fresh green mix

Mac eyeshadow Satellite dreams

If you look in detail, the cloth's texture looks make it looks like new, never been swatch :)
It's very easy to make it, only need 1-1,5 hours.

Hope this info helps yours! ^_*


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brown Eyeshadows swatches

I'm going to have a quick review and swatch of my brown's eyeshadow collections.
Mostly Product are from Mac, Urban decay naked palette,Stila and Mufe.
All the swatches are using Urban decay primer potion.

Mac :
Shroom ( great for highlight )
Satin Taupe ( bestseller in Mac )
Amber Lights
Woodwinked (I love this colour, it's like golden brown)

Makeup Forever e/s :

Urban decay Naked Palette :
Sin ( for highlight)

Stila :


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mascara reviews

Hi everyone! How's your day?

Sorry has been MIA lately, just back from my trip in Jakarta with my hubby :)
My feet still feels very sore, but I have a great time there.
A little story from Jakarta, I bought my hotel's voucher from Agoda that is much cheaper than I used to buy on travel agent. The good point is I get rewards that can be use for discount in future transaction :)
I stayed in two hotels :) Hahaha... Of course bit tired moving from one hotel to another.
But Swiss bel hotel already full booked that time so I have to move to another hotel. So I choosed Ibis Hotel in Mangga Dua which far nice from Swiss Bel hotel.
Swiss Bel has a new minimalize design and just builded last 2 years, so many peoples has a good recommendation on it.

Well these are few mascara products that I just bought from my trip, some are old one. I just want to compare them :)

From left Maybelline Unstoppable, Loreal Ultra Volume, Fiberwig, DiorShow, Opera.

Maybelline Unstoppable Curl Extension Mascara
This one only for lenghtening. It's waterproof.

Loreal Ultra Volume Collagene Mascara
I like this one because it has big wand so it's easier to have fast curl and volumising effect :)
The tips is you have to apply twice but first you have to let it dry for few seconds, then apply second coat.

Fiberwig mascara
I Love this one! First time I knew this product when I was shopped at SASA in Hongkong, the SA told me to bought this one as it's well know for the lengthen mascara. So I bought this and not regret! My friend asked me whether I wear false lashes :)  Unfortunately this product not sell in Indonesia, so I have to purchased order or buy online.
I know Ekimura also love and always wear this mascara :)

Diorshow mascara
I know everyone already have or know this product. It has many good recommendation and MUA on backstage's fashion show always used this. It has big wand and waterproof mascara.
Sephora also has a good review about it :)

Opera Mascara
I started to love this mascara, but has not hear many review about it. It has volume control that creates any types of finishes from natural-looking to extremely thick eyelashes with a 10 step dial.
Besides volumising , it also can be lengthening your lashes as it has fiber on it. It's made in Japan.

I set this on dial 1 (less product attached on it)

I set this on dial 10 (more product to give you thick lashes)

Have a nice day everyone! :)