Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello, I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy holidays for everyone!
I want to give a short post on this holidays ;) For Christmas, I was wearing my China Glaze Ruby Pumps :)
I love it! as it glitters shine when light hit the nails.

For top and base I used Sally Hansen Double Duty (It cost around $7.5). It help to protect my nails from chip,make it more shining and because it contain Pro-Vitamin B5 so I won't worry :)

How about you,what do you wearing for Christmas ?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FOTD with Naked Palette

Hi Everyone, 3 days left count 'till Christmas.

Do you buy your X'mast gift yet? :) In my place I can hear fireworks everyday, people can't wait until X'mast and New Year.
There are a lot of party this month, and peoples are busy buying their Christmas present,clothing, making cookies as our traditional moment.
I also made my own cookies, which are so yummy :)

I was attending a wedding party, and for this time I plan to wear my Naked Palette for the eyeshadow. Also I did a curl on my hair.

I was wearing Pearl neckacle from my auntie and uncle in China,they gave me long time ago.

Here is a close-up of my eye, I'm wearing eyelid tape.

I'm trying to make a silly look! LOL ^o^

Here's the product I used:

Face :
Make Up forever HD Primer
Make Up forever HD foundation #120
Nars Orgasm as blush
Nars Albatross as highlight
Makeup forever eyeshadow no.76 for shading
Etude Eyebrow cake

Makeup forever lift concealer no.1
Mac paint pot Bare study as primer
Urban decay Naked palette in Half Baked, Dark Horse,Creep
Mac Shroom for highlight
Makeup forever aqua creamliner no.1
Mascara Loreal Ultra Volume Collagene
Elise False Lashes

Mac Big Bow

Ok hope you have a wonderful Holiday with your family!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lipsticks review

Hi everyone and happy holidays!

Today I'm going to have review about my lipsticks to share with you.
There comes with so many brand like Shu uemura,Sephora, Nars, The body shop, Mac, Estee Lauder, Nyx :)
Here are the lipsticks collection picture I've taken with my camera on day light.
Some of them are brand new, half and nearly finish :) But I hope this picture will represent the colors.

(From left : The body shop, Mac, Sephora, Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder, Nyx, Nars)
No flash, Daylight

(From left : The body shop, Mac, Sephora, Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder, Nyx, Nars)
With flash

The Body Shop #14
Color                  : Pink Ginger (reddish) with no shimmer but bright, warm color.
On lips               : Moisturizing with marula oil, great with smokey eyes.
Staying power  : Good
Scent                 : Sweet aroma, like flower scents.
Buy this again   : Yes

Mac Big Bow
Color                   : Sheer bright intense Blue Pink. Somehow you can see the blueish.
On lips                : smooth and moist
Staying power   : Great!
Scent                  : I don't really like the Scent.
Buy this again    : Yes, I love this color.Too bad it's LE.

Sephora Lip Attitude Star S08
Color                   : Bright Pink with shimmer.The perfect mix of lipstick and lip gloss.
On lips                : Feels very creamy, won't dry my lips.
Staying power   : Good
Scent                  : Love the scent like a bubblegums :)
Buy this again    : No

Shu Uemura WN 246S
color                   : Soft pink with shimmer
On lips                : Light weight feels, like no wearing lipstick.Soft and moisturizing.
Staying power   : Medium
Scent                  : Soft , berry-like scent, love it!
Buy this again    : not this color, I'm going to try another color from Shu :)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Rouge Crystal #303 Crystal Pink
Color                  : Very soft pink, almost nude on lips.
On lips               : Texture so creamy like lipgloss.Looks like freshly licked lips.
Staying power  : Doesn't last long!
Scent                 : Sweet like fruity
Buy this again   : No

Nyx Tinted Lip Spa Sake
Color                  : Pink coral color
On lips               : Feels cool and mint on my lips.Good moisturizing on my dry lips contains beeswax. When my lips is very chapped, this is my helper :)
Staying power  : Medium
Scent                 : Minty
Buy this again   : Yes

Nars Sexual Healing
Color                   : Frosty light Pink tends to pale peach on me.
On lips                : Feels dry
Staying power   : Medium
Scent                  : Smells so synthetic
Buy this again   : No, I don't like the color.

Swatch on my Nc 25 , daylight

With Flash

Please share with me what lipstick do you like?
Thanks for reading!
 XOXO Noniek

Disclaimer:  I'm not affiliate with any brand cosmetics. All my items mentioned were purchased by myself.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dolly Wink lashes

Hello again! What a nice day :)

I'm so excited today, you know why! I just got my package from my dear friend Evie. She just back from Japan for a holiday and bring me some makeup things.
She lived in Malaysia, but last week when she was in Jakarta she delivered the package to me.
Oh so happy :))) Thanks Hun!!! <3

I love kawaii things, and Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired me for her Makeup looks that so Kawaii.
If you read my previous blog, I'm eyeing on Tsubasa's Dolly Wink falses eyelashes.
Finally I have it :)
Btw, if you can't find in your place, you can purchased it online on http://www.apopofkawaii.com/

Dolly Wink lashes in #1 Dolly Sweet

Comes with 2 pairs and has its own glue ^o^
I ussually cut the edge lashes for a better fit, but for this dolly wink lashes I plan to only cut a litte since I want to wear outside of my eyes.
Like Tsubasa wear to create the effects of more rounder and bigger eyes.
This lashes looks really heavy,but it's not. You can see that clear light weight band, it's so soft and flexible that won't hurt/weighting your eyes when wearing it.
The price is pretty expensive: 1260 Yen, but you'r getting high quality lashes that reusable for many uses :)

Dolly Wink lashes in #5 Real Nude

Wearing it on below natural lash lines.Looks really natural.

Dolly Wink lashes in #8 Pure Little

Also wearing it on below natural lash lines. I'm collecting below lash lines false lashes :) This one is looks so natural,
I recommend you to have it.

I was wearing VOV candy liquid pen eyeliner in black (no.1) ,but I'm not impress with the product because the color is not so intens and waterproof.
Now I found my HG black liner: Dolly Wink liquid liner.Cute packaging and the application tip are so fine, really waterproof eventhough I already wash and rub, it stays put.
You have to wash it with soap or makeup remover. Great power! Love..love.. love ^__^

I taken the picture from it's website, as my Vov's label on it has faded.

CanMake Nudy Glow lipgloss (on left), Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner (on right)

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner (left), VOV candy liquid pen eyeliner (right)

Canmake Nudi Glow Rouge Rose Macaroon (01)
Price: 580 Yen
Product : Lip gloss 

 This is the picture taken from VIVI Japanesse Magazine, she is wearing Canmake Nudi Glow Rouge
Rose Macaroon (01)

They used same color that I have :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My haul Skin79 Hot Pink

Hi everyone, how's your day?
Christmas will be coming soon, have you plan your x'mast gift? :)
Today I'm going to give you review of my haul BB Cream.
I just received my packet include Skin food lip balm that I've been eyeing since July.
Finally I have it, yay!

This is the picture of Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream. It made in Korea and known as it's triple function.
I need no more applying sun screen and foundation for makeup because this BB cream has an excellent cover  function of foundation, and already contain spf 25 --> I really need that ^o^
There are so many fake Skin79 Hot Pink that made in China, so you have to be wise before plan to buy it.
This is new design of Skin79

The new design has label on bottle side.

The coverage is light to medium.

As you can see the coverage is medium, can hide my dark spot.But i think the color doesn't really match my skin tone (Nc 25/30)
The color tone is more pinker than my skin tone (yellow).

This is Skin food Lip Balm no.1, color is red.

I love the bottle design, it's so cute. Also there is a free mini spatula attach on it.
It felts so creamy on my lips and smells good.

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day ... :)