Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Benefit Confessions of concealaholic

Hi everyone, I was so excited that this past few weeks my blog's follower was growing up :) Thanks for who has followed me, I really appreciate it.
Today I'm going to have concealer review that I was using for my customer who had wedding last week. Her face has so many pimples that it seems like possible to cover. But thanks to Benefit Boi-ing concealer, that problems has been solve and make her skin looks flawless without any red pimples :)

I bought Benefit in full set that contains many of products such as : Boi-ing 01 and 02, Lemon aid, Erase paste, Eye bright.
This palette is great for who wants to try Benefit's product without buy all of them in full size. So it's a great save money ^-*

I like the packaging, it has small mirror on one side. Boi-ing 02 was melt on shipment that's why it's looks like half empty but the quality is still good.Also the Bad gal is gone.

Also it has mini book that say what the product usage for. (you can click on picture for enlarge)

My forehead with pimples before wear concealer

This has cover with Boi-ing 01. Good coverage, isn't it ! :)

So, have you used this before? Do you have any other concealer recommendation?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nyx round lipstick giveaway

Hi, do you want to win Nyx lipsticks from Heart Kritel's giveaway ?
You can join her giveaway by clicking this picture :)
Good luck everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haul from blog sale

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday :)

Yesterday, I just received my package from Eki's blog sale :)
I was so lucky can purchased these items because it sold out so fast on her blog sale. It's been a year since I was looking for Princess Lee and Shisem lashes, finally I got it. Yay!
Princess Lee's lashes is well known in Taiwan that many actress in this country wear it, so I want to give a try on it. I was searching it in ebay but the price is high so when I get a chance from Eki's sale, I give a shot ^o^

I know this Shisem eyelashes from Jen's blog. She has been wearing it most on her blog tutorial, and it's pretty hard to find in internet who are selling it, anyone can give me the information? :)

The package is so cute in pink :)

Message note from Eki :)

I already have this but can't resist the temptation for back up :)

This is a card of how it looks like for Dolly wink's lashes no.1

This is Dolly wink no.8 for bottom lashes

This is how it's looks like for no.8 Dolly wink's bottom lashes

Princess Lee lashes no.111

Shisem Lashes and a gift of Marlliss lashes from Eki

Eki is so generous that she gave me free eyemask from My beauty diary brand and Marlliss false lashes. Thank you Eki! :)