Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rock & Republic Contrived Blush swatch

Hi everyone!
Right now I'm totally crazy about collecting blushes! Yes, blush on :)
I'm doing a little research before bought this Rock & Republic blushes, which people rave on it. I heard that R&R will be closed soon coz of bancrupty.
Well, I know their blushes is very high quality, pigmented and finely milled. Hope they could survive and still produce their product.
I bought Bedroom and Tease, well my X-rated was on its way. Can't wait till it come :)
The actual amount of this blush is twice bigger than Nars blush, so it can last forever. I love the packaging design, it's very artistic!


Before I buy R&R Tease, they said on blogger that it pretty much looks like with Nars Matahari that I already owned it.
So I a little bit confuse whether to buy it or not, after I asked beauty blogger : Hazelnut
So glad I decided to buy it, and like she said it's totally different in color :)

Left Rock & Republic Tease, Right Nars Matahari

Here is the compare between Nars Matahari and R&R Tease :

Left RR Tease, Right Nars Matahari (with flash)

From left : R&R Bedroom, Tease and Nars Matahari (with flash)

My flowers are blossom on my yard.It's very pretty, colorful and make my day bright :)
I took a picture for the memory, hope it can always flowery all the year.


Gorgeous Red : October Lily . It only blossom in October, so called from it :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely swatches! I have X-Rated and Seduce :) I had no idea that R&R was closing because of bankruptcy! That's interesting...

Noniek said...

Glad to hear from you again!
I'm also looking for Call Me :)

Toni Tralala said...

That looks great! I love the purple hues! Growing up, we had an orchid garden. <3

P.S. Come and join my international Apothica $25 GC giveaway.

Barbie said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches!

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