Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nars cordura swatch

Hi, everyone!
Today I'm going to swatch Nars cordura that I just received from mail order. I have been wanting this since last year finally I have it, Yay! <3

I want to compare it with Urban Decay Naked Palette because both of it has neutral color that I love :)

The texture is so pigmented and great for smoky eyes.

This swatch was taken under sunlight
From left :Ud Darkhorse,Nars deeper shadow (on right), Ud Buck, Nars lighter shadow (on left), Ud Smog.

I said that Ud Darkhorse and Nars deeper one is quiet similar. Only Nars a little bit darken.
Ud Smog is more shimmery than Nars lighter one especially when it hits by the light/flash.
But both of them are pretty color.

This one was taken in room light.

With flash

From left : UD Smog, UD Darkhorse, Nars lighter shadow, Nars darker shadow

Taken with flash

I really in love with this buttery shadows, no wonder I was lemming this since last year. The result is just what I expected.
What do you think?


SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

i like the nars ones better! urban decay's eyeshadows are too shimmery for me. :\ good choice!


Jessy said...

great swatch~~~~thx~~~i think browns are great cuz they are natural but can also make your eyes looks bigger


Noniek said...

Yes, I realize that my collections of neutral eyeshadow are more than other color :)

Anonymous said...

wow, i already have the naked palette but i dont have the nars yet.. would love to try that!
thanks for the follow, defintely follow you back!
hope you can join the giveaway as well and share it with your friends!!

thank you sweety!


Jessy said...

great swatch~~~i luv the colour~~~


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