Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Nectar swatch

I love this shimmer brick!
Have been wanting this so long, finally get it in my hand :)
It's frosty peach pink if you swirled it with brush, the color is so pretty as highlight on my cheek.
I also compared it with Mac msf Northern Light which have glitter. If you like glitter effect then Mac Msf Northern light is perfect for you.
I prefer shimmer than glitter tho'

Take picture using flash

 So pretty peach pink color! ^o^

Compare it

On to the swatch :

I swirled it together

Compare it with Mac Msf Northern Light, BB Nectar is more shimmer and sheen!

 Left : Mac Msf Northen Light (have some glitter)
Right : BB shimmer brick Nectar


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow, Northern Lights is SO pretty! And your BB shimmer brick is gorgeous as well. Great swatches!!!

Noniek said...

Thanks! These are amazing blush :)

JC! :) said...

Pretty swatches. I own the same Shimmer Brick but never use it for some reason. :)

Also, I'm a new follower--Twitter and Blogger. Thanks so much for taking the time to enter my giveaway.

D.Sadie said...

Wow, Great swatches. The shimmer brick is so pretty! Great blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


*Check out my giveaway:

Noniek said...

JC! and D.Sadie thanks for following my blog. I followed you as well :)

Czel said...

the shade is so pretty! thanks for these swatches.
i'm following your blog now. i hope you could check out my blog too. ♥

Noniek said...

Thanks hun! I had check your blog :)

Alina said...

hey i love your blog,i just started following you?could you please follow me too?i will put you in my blogroll if you do,thank you

Isabel said...

From your swatches, I prefer the mac one one as I'm not too fond of frosty makeup.

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