Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My beauty diary Eye Mask

Hi, it's been long time again no blog here, sorry! I'm so busy with my new baby :)
I want to blog again about my eye mask, because my under eye has been so dark because I have to stay woke up at night for my baby.
My Beauty Diary Intensive refining eye mask from Taiwan is so good! The shape of the mask so unique that it can cover under eye and also the lid.
The smell is like ginseng, like Chinese herbal. But I think it has so many benefit.

This is the picture of the product

The shape is like fish :)

Lately I love to taste the Japan's food product. I ordered the Melty Kiss Chocolate in strawberry. I was looking it while I was in Singapore, but there wasn't sale that time. The staff there said that the product only available in certain occasion like Christmas time.

The taste is so delicious! The chocolate melt in my mouth perfectly.

See you again in my next blog!



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