Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Olive Juicy Mask Sheet

Hi again! Do you have a nice day? 
Right now I love to pamper my face skin with many product that I love to tried, every week I always wear face mask to restore my dull skin that I had from pregnant. 
Well, today I wear mask from Baviphat. This product is from Korea and well known there. I bought it at Sasa Singapore for only S$1.95. 
I recommended this mask from Baviphat as it nutritious and moisture my skin. I also love the smell of this mask, it's not make me sneeze because I'm allergy with fragrance. Olive oil is very good for our skin, it has many benefit. After I used this, my skin looks glowing and healthier!

The packaging is so cute!

Yesterday I bought the necklace at Colorbox store. This necklace is trendy now, the model is like spike necklace that many blogger love to wear it. Luckily me, when I plan to bought it they have Chinese New Year promotion for 20% discount. So the price is lower Rp.80.000.

I also bought this earings Rp.56.000

Last picture is my baby, she is now 5 months old. She can sit and reach the baby's gym toy.She is very fast learning and grow :) Love her so much.

Baby Celine 5 months



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that baby looks so cute! thank you for sharing!

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