Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Benefit High Beam swatch

Hi everyone, sorry been mia for past few months. Being pregnant is new for me so I need time to take a little break for what I'm doing :)
This time I want to share with you Benefit high beam swatches and my opinion about it. Btw, there are so many counterfeit of this product on ebay, so be wise when you plan to buy it.

Highlighter (Shimmery light pink)

I love this product, it makes my cheek looks healthy and dewy. You can put it on the cheek, nose to make a glowy effect when light hits your cheek.

Taking with flash. Look how it blend so well using my finger.

Unblend in day light.

I also want to share with you my Kitkat chocolate that bought in Changi airport Singapore. I do look for kitkat made in Japan that have so many flavor but seems it only sell in Japan.

It have3 different flavor :
 milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel flavored cream in milk chocolate.

 Mount Klabat. View from my house.
Taken in the morning 6 am when the sun rise. It was covered with smog, so pretty!



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