Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Skin Food Rice Mask

Hello everyone, how's your day?
Earlier this month I was very busy, and the weather is changed all time. Whole day was raining, that's why I was sicked.
I got very bad influenza and fever last week, and need to rest on bed for 3 days :( Everytime the weather changed many peoples got sick, so better you take vitamin C and eat well.
Being sick is very annoyed and I can't do much activity.
Well, I'm better now so I will do post review about my mask from Korea (was bought by my brother).
He bought this only 7,700 Won!

What it claim from this mask :
SkinFood Rice Mask Wash Off. Mask with nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture.
To use :
After cleansing, gently massage over dry face. Avoid eye area. Rinse off.

I like this mask, the beads is so soft. It doesn't hurt my sensitive skin. The smells not really like it, but I don't complain about it.
After I wash off the mask, my skin feels so soft. I have been used this about a week, and not really see the change on my skin. But the good part of it, my skin doesn't broke out :)

Here is the picture of it :

I put the mask on my hand, you can see the small beads.

I really like the Korean product, they always give you free gift everytime you buy from them.So generous  :)
I got this cute gift : Ancient Rice Gift Set. The bottle so cute and small.

1 box contain Ancient rice toner and Emulsion.

Have a nice day everyone!



MSodapop said...

do u know where i can get this online?

Noniek said...

You can buy it online from :)

Anonymous said...

im so intrigued, i'll try that soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun! Merryy Christmas and Happy New Year! miss you!

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