Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tony Moly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss swatch

Hi everyone,
As on my tweeted few days ago, I just have my wish list from my brother. He's just back from his trip in Korea.
I asked him to buy some Korean skincare and makeup, that much way cheaper there than any other country. Like in my country, it could be 200% higher than in it's original country.
I search on blog and Tony Moly website for this lip gloss swatch, so I decide to order for no.1 Strawberry Princess. It's pinkish color.
There are 7 colors for these lipgloss that the packaging are so cute! I also like the smells, it's smells like fruit.
The price is only 6800 Won in Korea (around US$5,5). Pretty cheap right, I found out on other website they sell it for $12 something. Double the price 0_0

No.1 Strawberry Princess

The back was the number

I compare the size with Mac lipstick. It so small and cute!

Taking with flash

Under Sunlight

I really love the packaging, I think I'll order the order colors.



Passing fancy said...

OMG, that's adorable :)
And I love to do a swap with you in future if you want :)

Noniek said...

Thanks :) I'll keep you in mind

Ingrid said...

So adorable, I would love to have a set of those. :)

-Ingrid @ Silly & Hungry

Rinny said...

Aww the packaging is so cute! I love Tony Moly products :D

The color looks really pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

so cuuuteeee! i want =)) thanks for introducing this super cuute product.. tony moly is here now in philippines! i must try them hehehe thanks noniek! IMY!

Iyah said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by my blog :D Those gloss are so cute!! so little but so cute! :D

La Chinita said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. The glosses look adorable! :)

feiane (fe-yan) said...

wow!!!!.... i super love it! you are lucky to have a brother who is sooooo generous and kind....!

love you blog too....
keep posting!


katherine said...

This is really cute!!

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