Friday, December 2, 2011

Thebalm Time Balm concealer

Hello, I'm happy December has come. The month of holiday, yeah.. holiday time will come soon :)
Last month has been very busy,but this month it's more free time to blog. So, right now I'm going to review about my concealer. I'm very addicted with concealer, like want to try and have every concealer in any brand ^0^
I just received Thebalm Time Balm concelear from blog sale ( I have it in Medium shade. I would say that it's perfect for Nc30-35 skin tone, mine is NC25 so it's pretty dark for me.
The covered is great, I has try it on my hand. It can cover dark spot, with medium coverage.

Onto the picture ladies :

Medium shade

Dark spot that I'm going to cover with concealer

Perfect covered

The shade is too dark for me but it's great for medium coverage. It can cover my dark spot.

Right now I'm using Biore 2in1 Facial wash, I like the smell of it. It's like milk scent, so soft!
It claims that 2in1 step for cleans the makeup and wash the face in 1 step. So I don't have to use milk cleanser for cleans my makeup and then wash the face with face soap.

Have a great weekend!



Rindodo ♥ said...

aah I saw this on local market! haha... thx for the review, n don't forget to join my giveaway ^^ thx

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a milk cleanser!!! Thank you for sharing this :) I should check this out...wondering if they are avilable in my country...hmmm

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