Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sephora haul

Merry Christmas everyone! How's your Christmas? I celebrate it with my family in my hometown.
Today I'm gonna review my recent haul from Sephora friends and family sale. I bought Josie Maran - Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40+ to go (small size 0.5 oz) and Shiseido eyelash curler.

Why I choose this product?
I need a product that have SPF inside to protect my face from UV. Because lately my skin have pigmentation, it's getting worse if I don't protect from now. I read that Josie Maran Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer has high SPF 40+. 

What it does:
Protect Daily Sun Protection is your skin's first defense against premature aging. This natural formula physically blocks UVA rays that can cause up to 80% of premature aging. It also blocks the harmful UVB rays that we encounter on sunny days or at the beach. Unlike traditional sun blocks, this natural formula is infused with Josie's signature ingredient, Argan Oil, which repairs and reverses damage caused by the sun, fights sign of aging, and improves skintone for a radiant, renewed complexion. This sun block is extra mild and fast absorbing and it can also double as a great makeup primer. Protect Daily Sun Protection is lightweight, Paba Free, and for all skin types.

 It comes with glass bottle, 1 pump is enough to cover my whole face! So this one will last like forever :)

I don't really like the smell, it has a little bit strong scent. But I can accept it as long as it don't make me sneeze. I'm very sensitive with strong scent, that make me sneeze all the time.


The texture is white but when I applied on skin, it blends well and make my face looks dewy finish. 

I have been lemming Shiseido eyelash curler long ago. I already have Shu Uemura curler but it doesn't fit on my small eyes. It always pinch my skin, that irritate me.
So I try this Shiseido and I like it. This one can grab my whole lashes in one step, so safe my time when I was in hurry.

Shu Uemura is more curve than Shiseido.

It includes 1 replacement rubber pad

Happy Holidays!



adthenshesmiled said...

I got a sample of the Josie Maran moisturizer and I liked it, but I didn't know if I should get a full size or not. Thanks for your opinion.

Noniek said...

I think it's good to moisturize your skin and maintain before it can get pigmentation or wrinkle.

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice. x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

I am always in the hunt for the best lash curler outthere my lashes are stick straight ..
how does this one work for ya ! love to hear

blessings to ya

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