Monday, December 16, 2013

Tony Moly Tomatox mask

Hi everyone! How's your day?
It's near Christmas day again, it was like yesterday I celebrate it.Hmm...time flows by so fast.
I have not blog here for few months, but I have been active in Instagram. Please check out the link on the up right of this page.

Today I want to review about face mask from Tony Moly, it's a Korea brand. Recently I use mask 2 times a week, because I saw my autie (she is over 70 years old) but her face is so flawless. I asked her how's her daily treatment, she said that she used to wear mask 2 times/week.It's not an expensive mask, but just regular mask that she bought on drugstore.

The Tony Moly Tomatox is magic white massage pack that containing Tomato extract water ang Tomato ingredients.This multi functional massage and pack brings instant dual magic brightening and vitalizing and detoxifying effect on skin.
It's only take 6-10 minutes before wash the face. But I have to massage it on my face around 1 minute.
After wearing this mask, my skin feels soft and clean. Love it!
The smells also nice.

Here is the pictures :

The mask packaging is so cute. Looks like real tomato.

Inside the tube. It's white cream mask

It has little spoon. So when we take the mask, it'll be steril.

Last picture I want to show you my little girl. She is 15 months old now.
She can walk (actually run), call mommie,daddy, and few other words :)
So cute baby.

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Lily said...

the packaging is so cute! ^_^ I haven't tried any tony moly products but I'm dying to try! thanks for the review!

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