Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Face Shop Eyelashes

Hi dolls, how's your day?

Today I'm going to give a review about false lashes. What I got here are from Face shop lashes and a chinese lashes with no brand.
I buy this about $3,5 for face shop's and $0,5 for chinese lashes (very cheap huh?! )  :)

Actually I'm looking for shishem eyelashes that I read good review about it on bloggers, but unfortunalety in my place they don't sell any shisem lashes.

But I've talking with my friend from bloggers, she have face shop and shisem lashes. Both of it looks like same with mostly same code on it (like XNS, XLS,XN,...) She said that shisem are stiff like this face shop's. Well, I think it should be similiar though :)

Now I'm eyeing on Koji Dolly Wink lashes but the price is so high.It's design  by fashion model Tsubasa Masuwaka from Japan. I check on sasa it cost $12.4 for 2 pair of lashes. 
Well, I think will be getting it for my X'mast gift :P

How about you dolls? What are you going to buy before end of the year?


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