Monday, May 2, 2011

My Birthday present

I've got my birthday present from my hubby. He gave me Guess's latest release bag! I love it!
Since in my home town doesn't have Guess's store, so he ordered it from Jakarta.

The color is white beige with Guess simbol "G" print all over the bag's. The design looks like Gucci bag's :)

I love the heart accessories with big ring out of it.

On Sunday, we have lunch on Ria Rio Restaurant in Kalasey, Manado. We also invited my parents,in law's parents, and my bro with his wife.

I was wearing this cute teal blue earing yesterday.

My favorite food is Salad Goropa fish with cheese all over it!

Goropa fish is fried, also they put apple, cucumber in square size. They cover the fish with Thousand Island dressing and cheese.

Fried Shrimp

Souce shrimp (kinda spicy)

We ordered so many shrimps that cook in many ways. So my stomach is full with shrimps, hahaha....

This is fried squid, they fried it with flour. So crispy!

Butter Fried Chicken. Taste sweet because they use soy souce on it.

Sour Soup with fish in it. It remove the oily taste on my mouth.

Vegetable : Water spinach Stir Fried with Garlic

At the end there is my birthday cake. Full cover Chocolate cake! Yummy.......


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