Monday, November 8, 2010

Mac Venomous Villains

Hey everyone!
Today I'm so exciting to received my Mac Venomous Villain from Aileen (the shade of u).
What I got is Mac Magically Cool liquid powder, Heartless lipstick and serum Twisted sista. I love the packaging especially it comes from disney edition.I always keep the boxes (now my drawer is full), makes me think that I have to find more empty spaces :)

Because of this Magically Cool liquid powder is darker on my skin, so I think I'll wear this as a bronzer.
When I applied this powder on my skin I feel the cool sensation and feels like watery. After a few seconds the powder is melt into my skin. It's so soft and not breakout my skin. I like it! ^o^

What I like the most is Heartless lipstick, bright red! The collection comes from Cruella the Evil Villains all the time. For swatch you can see at temptalia.
I've been looking for red lipstick to try whether it's suitable for me or not.
Luckly me I got the chance to try this collection :) The red is so intens suitable for any age and skin color.
This color reminds me of New Revlon ColorBurst lipstick featuring by Jessica Alba.

The last one is this serum, it smells so sweet like flower scent.This product is made in England from Urbantherapy.
The serum can be used for straight and curly hairstyles.Just apply serum into palms of hands and smooth throught wet hair to defrizz.
For instant shine,smooth a small amount over dry hair. I will give it try tomorrow :)

Thanks Aileen, love you!


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