Sunday, November 14, 2010

Revlon PhotoReady Makeup swatch

Hi everyone, how's your weekend?
Today I'm going to give you a review about Revlon PhotoReady Makeup foundation spf 20.
Revlon Photo ready foundation that I been tested on my hand is natural beige color #5.

The coverage of this foundation is medium, good coverage for freckless and dark spot, but it can't hide the fine line. What I don't like is the shimmery effect.
This foundation has too much shimmer especially when you are in yellow light/sunlight/spot light. The shimmer is very intense, that you can see it with your barely eyes.
I say, it's not recommended for everyday use. For party at night is okay since it's too much glitter on it.But for me, I prefer only wear it on my body or shoulder if I'm wearing tube dress :)
I don't like too much glitter on my face ^o^
You can see the picture below, I taken with my Casio camera.

As you can see half of my hand (below is wearing Revlon), the coverage is great for my dark spot.

With flash

This is when I wash it with running water, it's not easily to wash off. It's still there!
And the shimmer's still in it, eventho' I already wash it with soap and rub it gently. The standable quality is good!
Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I love this foundation! It photographs really well!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

it looks nice, but i don't think a foundation should shimmer. thanks for the review.

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Noniek said...

Thanks Susalie

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