Saturday, November 27, 2010

Product review : Bali Tangi Soap

Bali Tangi Sabun Sirih

At a glance:
Price: Rp.20.000 (around $2)
Made in: Indonesia,Bali
Likes: Smells good, non sticky after feel :)
Repurchase: Yes
Green tea extract, glycerine, active botanicals,cocos & palm oil,water,lye,pure essential oils.
Product Description

I've been using this for 1 year, and will keep continue. What I like the most is that it really effective to eliminate the unpleasant odor for underarm.It feels fresh and not stickly at all :)
Many Salon and spa already wearing this products from Scrub, Massage oil, Face and body mask, Aromatherapy, Tea, etc.
You can find this mostly at Bali's spa :)
And I really like the smells!!! ^o^

Bali Tangi Jempiring Scrub

At a glance:
Price: Rp.40.000 (around $4)
Made in: Indonesia, Bali
Likes: Smells good, have small scrub that didn't hurt the skin,natural ingredients
Repurchase: Yes
Jempiring scrub, Glycerine, Cocos oil, Destilation Water

I used this twice a week when I feel that it's time to remove my dead skin on arm, feet, and underarm.
After feels skin so soft, not sticky, and smells good :)
So far, I like this product because all it's ingredients are from nature. It's have so many choices of fragrance like Green tea, Jempiring, Coffee, etc.
I have been tried Jempiring and coffee, and like boths.  Next time will try another smells :)


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