Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine!

Hi, how's your Valentine?
I was spend it with my hubby, we went to the nicest restaurant in town (Manado, North Sulawesi) called City Extra Restaurant. It situated near the beach, should be nice view especially watching sunset. But we had a dinner so can't took picture of it :)
It's a nice and cozy place, with famous delicious seafood's menu. Right now, it's the place people most come to have lunch or dinner.
Also well known as a place whom our President always visit on his trip in my town.

Main enterance 

The owner seems like to have jet sky, even owned 2 of it  ^o^

The speed boat park near the restaurant

And here comes the food, the service was quiet fast. Great!

Fresh sour soup with fish inside

Fried shrimp.. mmm.. pretty large

Fresh vegetable with peanut soup in the middle.
We called it Gado-gado

Nail Art
I made it on my friend's nail using white stickers with China glaze Light as air.

Nice match with pink Black Berry ;)

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Mmm, that shrimp looks really delicious!

Noniek said...

Haha... It is! :)

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