Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Makeup forever Waterproof eyebrow swatch

Hi everyone! How's your holiday?
I want to have a review about Mufe waterproof eyebrow in color no.3 and no.4.
This is the older version, but the color is same like Mufe aqua brow waterproof eyebrow corrector in color 30 and 40.This waterproof eyebrow come in liquid version so you have to use brush. I use Mac brush no.266. 
Like it said that it's waterproof but it's not smudge proof.

No.4 (left) is dark brown, no.3 (right) medium brown

No.3 (up), no.4(below)

Rub it with finger

After wash with soap still left a few of it

Using No.3

Using no.4

So, that's the swatches. I prefer to wear no.3 which is more natural in result. 
Hope this will help you to know about this product.



Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Impressive product, I loved that this is water proof too <3

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