Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My visit to Marina Bay Singapore

Hi dolls, how's your day?

When I was in Singapore, we planned to visit Marina Bay that become Singapore's new attraction must to go :)
So my hubby and I were went there by bus from Luckly Plaza Orchard, and we have to stop at Vivo City Mall to hitch another bus that brought us to Marina Bay.
Marina Bay is another shopping mall with hotel and casino inside. It's big building.

Waiting for a bus to Marina Bay :)

The building is so tall. There were 3 same building side by side

 Great building :)

I'm in front of the casino. My hubby played a little but he lost couple bucks

Aww.. I'm in front of the paradise :) Sephora @ Marina Bay

Outside the building, there was very good view. In front of the sea side of Singapore.

A lot of tall building in Sg

I was tweeted the pictures using my iphone

I also have review about my Essential Shampoo and hair mask that I bought on Watson's Singapore. I read that so many rave about Essential Hair Mask, so it a must have.
I bought many of this mask because there is promotion on Watson, only S$8 each. Cheaper than order it online from Sasa :)

I love this mask. It's a must have product

It contains Honey and Shea butter

Inside the tube. This mask has yellow creamy color

After used this Mask, I feel my hair so smooth and manageable, before that it's very difficult to comb my long hair especially when it comes to the end. It will damage my hair if I push it harder, but this mask solve my problem :)  I also like the smells!

I also bought Essential shampoo because it smells so nice, love it! The smell is like fruity that last long in my hair. In the tag it said that it's tangle free even to the last 15cm!

This shampoo is made in KAO Japan

Tangle free even to the last 15 cm, and I prove it!

The texture is soft and creamy. I love the fruity smells and it last long!

Have you try this product too? What do you think?



The Shoe Bunny said...

I love Essential stuff also I got lots of them in my bathroom hehe. Thanks for commenting on my blog babe I'm following you now mind following me back? :D


Camilla said...

Looks like fun!

xo Camilla


Kate L. said...

I visited Singapore last year and found that Marina Bay is such an amazing place and very beautiful at night. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Fashion Cat

Witoxicity said...

It looks like you had a very good time in Singapore (and yes, with the fantastic shopping too!). This hair mask must smell really good. :)

Anđela Vitorović said...

Nice blog!

Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)


Rapuncela said...

great trip ;)
I like the photos :*

Anonymous said...

great trip! knowing sephora is there in SG! yay!
hoping for our next trip!
i must say~ you look so pretty! your shades look really good on you.

Lina Kim ♥ said...

nice trip, I've been wanting to go there too ^^

Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

Noniek said...

@The Shoe Bunny follow you back!
@Witoxicity I still love the smell, so nice!
@Diane Many sephora in Sg :) Thank you hun! :)
@Lina Kim ♥ I had join yours ^_^

Marcela Gmd said...

I like this post!! Fantastic photos!
Besos, desde España, Marcela

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