Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My visit to Singapore

Hi everyone, sorry have been Mia for a while. I just back from my vacation and medical treatment in Singapore.
So many things I want to blog about on my trip, so it will be in few future posts about it :)
First I want to blog about my first day trip and the next day on Singapore :)

Just landing on Changi airport

This is my third time visit in Singapore, I love this country. It's so organize and clean city, I fly by Silk Air, it's part of Singapore Airlines (SIA) company.
The next day, my hubby and I went to Universal Studio in Sentosa Island by bus. It's very hot there, and because it's on Sunday there were so many peoples.

Luckily, I was wearing my Missa perfect cover BB cream SPF 43 PA+++ so my face is safe from UV rays. Although this have high spf but in my camera there is no white cast. I love the product as it has medium coverage and the smell is good. Since the weather is very hot, I was amaze with this BB cream because my face don't have so much oily, especially on T- zone area. So I said that it has pretty good in oil control!
I bought this at Orchard Central Mall for S$36,72 (after disc 20%). 

This is the box and the tube

 Left bite scar, Right put unblend Missha (click on pic for enlarge)

Blend the BB cream. See how it cover the scar

 Photo with flash. See, how my skin looks flawless!

This is the picture taken randomly when we went to Universal Studio. We play most of the rides and show, but not in The Lost World rides :( It was out of service that time, hope I can try it next time.

Taking picture with Madagascar 

Take pose with hat :)

 Wow, he is so tall! He looks like a statue :) so scary..... (The Mummy's character)

It's very hot there! I forgot to brought my sunglasses, opss...

Taking photo with Charlie Chaplin, my hubby's expression is so funny when he kick him :) LOL

Here comes the souvenir :

This is Betty Boop's souvenir that I bought in Universal Studio S$9,90. I can put picture inside and it has magnet behind so I can put on refrigerator's door.

Cute key chain :)

After back from my trip for more than a week, I meet the puppy's. They are bigger and so cute now :)
I have not named them yet, can help me give me an idea what to call them?

 They are so adorable :)

Caring each other, aww so cute!


Janine said...

Firstly: thank you so sooo much for the comment!

Gosh, the puppies are SOOO cute. Have you given a name to them by now? :)
Yuki& Nono would fit in my opinion :)

Noniek said...

I haven't. Yuki is a nice name, thank you for an idea hun! :)

SF Chan said...

omg~~ the puppies are so so so CUTE... feels like wanna give them a big hug... =P

Do they have their name yet?
if haven't, how bout Teddy/Benny/King/Princess...? (just personal opinion ^o^ )

Thanks for sharing ^___^

Noniek said...

Yes they are so cute :) I have not name them yet, have no idea :)
Hmm.. Teddy sounds great as it's face looks like teddy <3

Anonymous said...

i love the Madagascar pic ahaha and omggg the puppies are SO CUTE <3!

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

I want that puppy is super cute ...
Love looking at your beautiful pictures! following ya

please check out my blog thanks hope you follow :)

Soo said...

your puppies are super cute!

Vani Sagita said...

The puppies look ssooo cute!!

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